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Tbilisi Information

Hi all… This is a list I’m compiling of information about Tbilisi, as I was struggling to find information except by word of mouth when I first got here!! As I haven’t been here long, it is by no means complete, and I may even have wrong information (lol…)! If so, please just correct me in the comments or send me a message and I’ll add in info or correct what I have written!! Most of the addresses are also links to Google maps, so just click to see 🙂

Getting around:

Tbilisi Metro (trains): 50 Tetri / journey

Buses: 50 Tetri / journey

Marshrutkas (Yellow mini-buses): 80 Tetri / journey

*Head into one of the Metro stations, and purchase a ‘metrocard’ for 2 Lari. I just handed them 10 Lari note and asked them to put the rest onto the card, so I had 8 Lari loaded onto my card.

The metrocard is used for the Metro, on the big yellow buses, and on some of the mini-buses. If the mini-buses (Marshrutkas) don’t have a tap/card-reader, then just hand the driver 80Tetri when getting off the bus – only the newer mini-buses have the card-reader.

On the big buses, make sure you get a ticket (prints out when you tap your card or hand driver 50 Tetri) as they often have the ticket inspectors on the buses checking. The price per journey also goes down when you travel more than once in a day!

Bakery Supplies:

*Bakery supplies store: 7 Arakishvili St, Vake MAP

This store has Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, Food colourings, cooking chocolate, Flours.  Sold by the gram.

(I’ve only been once so need to go back to do a better inventory – will update).

*Goodwill has cocoa powder, most sugars (although not brown sugar – the sugar that is “brauner zucker” is more like Raw sugar), plain /all purpose flour, Italian Pasta/Pizza flours, bread flours, some flavourings, yeast. Most of the sugars and baking goods are in German but pretty easy to figure out.

*Carrefour has flours, white & icing (powder) sugars (I couldn’t find brown or raw), a couple of cake mixes, some cake making supplies


There are small markets everywhere, but there are the big supermarkets, Goodwill and Carrefour that have a much bigger range. Also there is a market “Smart” on Rustaveli, next to Wendys that has a few more American products (not a massive range though).

Goodwill – Vake Chavchavadze Ave; Saburtalo Kavtaradze St

Hypermarket (“Didi”) Goodwill (big Goodwill) –Didi Digomi

Carrefour – at Tbilisi Mall

Craft Supplies:

*I will update this as I find more in Tbilisi, or if you know of somewhere else, please let me know and I’ll update!! *

1.  Baratashvili Street Underpass– (near the colourful balconies along the old Tbilisi wall)

*This has quite a few different little shops with many different wool/yarn, knitting & crochet supplies, needles, threads, ribbons & trims, hook & loop tape. Also loads of buttons, different sized beads, jewellery making supplies (clasps etc).

2. Kostava St, west from Rustaveli Metro station MAP

*Just after you pass Rustaveli metro station, (walking away from Rustaveli Ave) there is a line of shops along the road, but underneath a building. About the 4th along has a selection of yarns/wools, some knitting needles and crochet hooks, needles, beading and ribbons.

Baby/ Toddler activities:

Sun Yoga  (www.sunyoga.com or Sun Yoga Tbilisi on facebook).

5a Kipshidze St, Vake

Sun Yoga has a lot of different classes for Kids. We have been to the Music and Movement class on Fridays, now taught by a lovely British lady. This is split into 0-18 months, then 18mth – 3yr class, then 3-4yr old class. For older kids they have some kids & teenage yoga as well 🙂

Play centres:

Apparently there are quite a few play/activity centers. There is one under the Cinema on Rustaveli Ave (Madagascar) which we have tried to go to (and looks great through the window) but there was no one there and everything was in Georgian, so yet to find out about it!


*There are a lot of parks and playgrounds around Tbilisi, chances are there is one very close to your house! We often go to a little playground behind the Vake Goodwill supermarket as it has some baby slides.

We also head down to the park across from the Philharmonia there are a couple of playgrounds with swings and bigger slides. Lots of birds for bub to chase.

Vake Park is another lovely big park – it is having a re-vamp at the moment so lots of dirt and construction but there are some swings/playgrounds as well as grassy areas.


For a great run down on Tbilisi restaurants, visit Cookies in the Caucasus page here 🙂



2 thoughts on “Tbilisi Information

  1. Hi, I was searching info on trees in Tbilici and came across your blog. I would be so greatful if you can give me some info on blossom trees in the city. Is there are any? I came across Peach Tree so far. Does it have sent? Do you know if Mimosa trees are in Tbilici? Thank you so much!!!

  2. Hi Angela,
    Sorry for taking so long to reply! There are so many blossom trees here in Tbilisi, but honestly I have no idea which ones are which…. I know there are Peach and Cherry blossom but not sure of which others! Hopefully someone else who is a bit more knowledgeable about trees can help you! Jacki

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