Never-ending chase!

Everything is a chase at the moment with my super active toddler! This kid just loves being nude, so actively avoids me when I’m attempting to get him dressed. Take this morning as example. He was in just a singlet & we had just struggled through the morning nappy change (oh did I mention absolutely hates having his nappy changed???) with some bribery ( ie holding the iPad while I changed him). Then he took off, and I literally chased him around the living room, ducking in and around couches, chairs, tables… It’s pretty funny actually we were both giggling.

So, caught him and popped a nappy on – we only buy the nappy pants that you pull on, it’s just too hard otherwise!! Then we were going out for a walk so told him we needed to get some jeans and a jumper on. Well that resulted in another chase, until I threatened to leave the house without him, putting my coat & boots on, opening the front door and saying “bye bye”…. That got results pretty quick (‘mama? Mama??!!”)!

We go for walks every day, more often now in the pram as we have a lift in our new building! I hadn’t really noticed the trees changing, but looked up while walking down the street yesterday and noticed green leaves sprouting and some of the blossom trees have the white blossoms blooming… It’s really quite beautiful, can’t wait for the next few months to see even more greenery!

Yesterday on our walk, we walked down to have a coffee, then further to Goodwill to pick up a few things for ‘totally-from-scratch pulled pork enchiladas’ as we had a roast pork a few nights back with a massive amount of leftovers! Popped by the park and bubba fell asleep on the walk home…. Meaning I could push the pram in the house and leave him sleep in pram while I attempted to make Tortillas! Wait for it- he slept 1.5hrs in the pram in the lounge room. What?!!!! Was so awesome.

Since this has been sitting in my drafts for 2 days I’ll now write a post with the enchilada & tortilla recipe I used!!! Was yummmmmmm


Paliashvili St

Paliashvili St

Coffee stop!

Coffee stop!

Flower stall along Paliashvili St- always such beautiful flowers here!

Flower stall along Paliashvili St- always such beautiful flowers here!




Manduca love

I’ve gone for two walks today:

1. our regular morning walk for around an hour with Bub in the Manduca carrier to sit & have a coffee (and look in various stores)

2.  just for a “short” walk (10min each way) to a store to pick up a new Doona / Duvet/ Quilt. For this second walk I carried Bub and let him walk for a little bit.

This short walk carrying my 11.5kg baby, then home with him and 2 big shopping bags, made me fall back in love with my baby carrier. He’s not only heavy when carrying him, but when he walks he never goes in the direction that I want, so I end up looking like a crazy lady running around trying to haul & drag him in the right direction. He also will stop and watch every bus go past…. and truck… and police car… which on the main street of Tbilisi, is almost every car. So therefore, I am never leaving home without my Manduca again.

I am also missing going for walks with my Baby Jogger pram. I love our pram, it is such a great pram to drive…. around a city where you don’t need to use an underpass to cross the road (which I do to get anywhere*), or don’t have a steep flight of stairs up to your apartment building (which I do..). Most of the shops and cafes also have steps to get up to them or down into them. Not so much a pram friendly inner city – but there are some lovely parks to walk around with a pram … if I could get to them! 🙂

*I should clarify – Georgian’s do not need to use an underpass, they just walk across the road in the middle of the traffic, dodging the cars or getting beeped at.

On another note – I am determined to learn and use Georgian, as although many Georgians can speak some English, I think its useful & polite to know some. I have learned:

Hello: Gamarjoba

Thankyou: Madloba

Goodbye: nakhvamdis

I’m getting there….