Toddler Tip #1

First thing to do in a new city: Find a playgroup ASAP!

Baby has been running around in circles (literally – its his new trick, he now turns around & around in circles, screeching as he does so) as we are staying in a not-so-baby friendly apartment while ours is having some final renovations completed. So, as mentioned in previous posts, Mumma has been getting her fit on, walking miles around the city each day just to get baby out of the house (and to get Mumma her coffee due to the walking around the city. Yes, its also a circle).

We have visited the little park near the Vake Goodwill supermarket a few times, and Baby just goes crazy when he sees the other little kids playing. He stands there stomping his feet and letting out his excited screechy yell at them… so off to Mr Google I went to search for some English speaking activities for him in Tbilisi — I was so happy to discover an expat playgroup, meeting at different houses during the week! And so, today, off we trotted to our first Tbilisi playgroup!

Anddd…. He loved it! Watching the other little kids & babies, playing with someone elses toys (other peoples toys are always soooo much more fun…), giving cheeky smiles to the nannies (Yes, I was the only mumma there today!).

So. to reiterate, when moving, first on list: Find playgroup 🙂