A Stripy Throw & a Dummy addiction.

As I mentioned in my last post, my very first Crochet project is a stripy throw rug for our bedroom. Unfortunately it is moving at snails pace as my cute as a button toddler has been having very short day naps, very rudely cutting into my Crochet-ing time.

The little mister has a dummy (pacifier) addiction at the moment. He has had a dummy for nap-time and in the car since he was little, but never really cared too much about it, if it was there he would suck on it, if not, he would still go to sleep. Its probably my fault that he has gotten a bit too attached now, as he almost didn’t need it anymore, but I wanted to keep it as an emergency item for on our long plane ride over here (sucking on takeoff and landing), so I encouraged it! But now!!?? He goes around the house looking for one, and even if I have hidden them all up on a shelf up high, he emerges sucking one and grinning at me – I think he must keep a secret stash, hiding them in his toys or cot when I’m not looking!

He has never been a whiny cranky baby but the last couple of weeks he is getting a little whiny when he is tired and doesn’t have his dummy, and it is grating on our nerves! Think we need to ditch the dummy asap so I get my cheery little boy back! The majority of the days he only has it for sleeps (as I only let him have one for sleeps) but he wants it at other times so he whines for it. URGHHHHH

In other news, my crocheting is going well. Here is a pic of where I am up to – I am about a third of the way through. It isn’t perfect but a great learning throw!

I am doing 6 rows of the blue and grey interspersed with the cream – one thicker row of cream (I think 8 rows) at the beginning and end then rows of 3 through the middle section. I will hopefully finish in the next couple of days and post a report with the pattern etc.

Stripy Throw, about a third done!

Stripy Throw, about a third done!

The last four days have been super cold here in Tbilisi, day time temps of around -6 degrees (Celcius) and nights around -16deg (Celcius)… for an Australian, that is ridiculously cold! Our pipes froze the other night so a couple of guys spent 3 hours banging on pipes, flooding the bathroom with toilet water and climbing in and out of the window in Bubba’s room. Eventually they came in with a piece of corner pipe with frozen water inside, proudly showing me and saying ‘eh? eh?’, before heating it up on the stove, reconnecting, etc. Suffice to say, we now have water again. Thank goodness.

The city is very pretty in the snow, and Bub loved walking around on the snowy ground. We still walked around today in the minus 6 degree temp, he stays very warm in the Manduca cuddled up against me! My own hot water bottle.

I’ll post some photos on another post as my camera cord has gone walk-about. Two guesses who is responsible for that – bets are on if I ┬ádiscover it in a lego box or in a kitchen drawer…