Wow… its been a while…

Oh wow…. we’ve been busy beavers for the last month and a half!! When I last posted, we had a friend from Australia visiting for 2 weeks, then the next week we travelled to California USA for 3 weeks, then the day after we got back from our holiday, my parents and sister came to visit… then Bubba and I got a stomach bug for a week, and here we are. Too busy enjoying time with family to write a blog post!!!

So basically for the last month and a half we have been playing tourist overseas and at home. I think things have finally settled down…

On the Tbilisi front, when we left in mid April, we were still wearing jumpers and jeans…. we came back after only 3 weeks away and it was like visiting a different city – the city is now lush and green, flowers lining all the streets… and its HOT!

In any case, I have made a decision to focus a bit more on my sewing & crochet projects, and so have just started a new blog to help me to stay motivated and learn new skills.

The link to that blog is so pop on over there and Follow my progress!