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Crochet Owl & Puppy Hats

I’m feeling very chuffed with myself as I have completed my very first crochet project! No…. its not my throw… still going on that one!

I’ve found a wonderful blog/website Repeat Crafter Me, and the lady has her patterns listed for free! So off I set to create the “Crochet Owl Hat” for Bubba but unfortunately I didn’t copy the directions to the letter and it ended up a bit short and wide… it still fits him its just a little big and doesn’t cover the back of his neck. The eyes are a little crazy looking too…

Crochet Owl Hat

Crochet Owl Hat

So, determined to get it right, I attempted the “Crochet Puppy Hat” off this same website (www.repeatcrafterme.com) , although I made some amendments – I didn’t do as many ‘expanding’ circles, and also did an extra row of Single Crochets at the back of the hat, as I prefer his hats to fit snugly and cover the back of his neck for warmth. I just need to go get a couple of buttons and some brown wool to complete the face of Puppy 🙂


Puppy Dog Hat

Puppy Dog Hat

I used a 5.5mm hook, and worsted weight (10ply) wool (50% wool/50% acrylic).

I had never done a Magic Ring before, and used the below tutorials (during which I got very frustrated and ate a whole block of chocolate, but finally got it!)

Magic Ring Tutorials: HERE and HERE

** I wanted an extra row around the back of the hat, so when I got to the end of Round 12, I turned , Chain 1, then SC 30 stitches, then turned again, CH 1, and started my first ear flap (starting the decreases on this row). You can check this for yourself by folding the hat in half and making note on the other side where your 2nd ear flap would go and SC until you reach there. You can see in this (very badly taken) picture that it goes down the back of Bubba’s neck a little bit more.

Bubba in Puppy Hat

Bubba in Puppy Hat

Its such an easy project once you get the hang of it – I completed Bubba’s Puppy hat in a couple of hours yesterday!

Ok, now everyone knows what they are getting for presents this year!! Lucky its winter in a couple of months in Aus, plenty of time for me to get started, and plenty more projects to try off of Repeat Crafter Me’s website!

Still pretty cold here, so off to make a nice hot apple crumble for dessert! Yumm!


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