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Baking Powder happiness

So….since my last post, I have seen people with prams everywhere.. literally everywhere. Nannies pushing their little charges around the block, up and down the street; Mums taking their babies out for a little stroll; Mums & Dads taking their children out in the pram in the park… So I eat my words. I maintain about the steps and taking a pram “shopping” – you really have to pick the side of the road you want to walk up and down the street on… also in a difference to Australia, over here I’ve noticed that people will merely leave their pram outside a shop while they have a browse, or if you can get your pram in, the store security guard (almost every store has at least one security guard) will follow you around the store while you shop. I have also been very suspiciously looked at when I have the baby in the Manduca carrier & my coat over the top (and hence followed around a store..).

In any case, Friday was a very exciting day for me here in Tbilisi.

Why, you ask?

Because after two weeks of searching in the three big supermarkets,  and the smaller grocery stores in town, I was resigned to the fact that there was not only no Self Raising flour for sale in this country (GASP!), but there was no baking powder either! How was I meant to bake scrumptious muffins, cakes, slices or biscuits? If I did they were going to flat as a pancake! How did the bakeries here bake these things!??

I started gathering some intel (Ok, I googled and read other Tbilisi blogs… which I would credit but I can’t remember which one I read the magical info on…) I found the address of a bakery store (7 Arakishvili St) that “someone” claimed possibly sold Cream of Tartar! This bakery wasn’t all that far from me so I set out with baby in tow, and after a few wrong turns, found said store, and was in paradise! Big containers of Baking Powder, Cream of Tartar, measured out for you and sold by the gram! So 400gms and 12Lari later, some “Didi Madloba, Nahvamdis!”, I was a happy chappy and trotted on home with my 400gms of white powder in a plastic bag (dodgy much!?) to cook some blueberry muffins.

I unfortunately told this to my muffin obsessed baby so for the entire 20 minute walk home all I could hear was “muff? muff?”.

Friday was a good day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baking Powder happiness

  1. Baking soda is plentiful all over Georgia 🙂 it is usually in a box with the Russian spelling, just “Soda” tho, not with the word “Baking” in front. I went to the Arakisvili shop and was happy to get 2gr of cr of tartar (they were out of b powder!), 2 vanilla bean pods, and 1kg of powdered sugar (12GEL total – it was 6GEL for the vanilla pods, rather than 64 for the bottle of extract already made!). I almost splurged on the brown sugar, but felt it was too expensive at 15GEL for a small box.

    Have you seen any molasses anywhere?! I didn’t think to look for it there when I went, but will be going back on my next trip to TBS. I read elsewhere that nutmeg and molasses are easy to find anywhere, but you should have seen the shenanagins I went through in Kutaisi today as I was attempting to find it. Nobody knows what “melasa’ is, and even despite all of my attempts to describe it and how it is used, I had no luck 😦 My reasoning is so I can make my own brown sugar – 1TBS with 1C sugar is the secret to your own 🙂

    • Hi hon… glad you could find all of your goods! I left Tbilisi in October last year and am now in Abu Dhabi, with baking supplies left right and centre and back to the crazy world of shopping…. 🙂
      I had seen Molasses in Carrefour but not the plain one, there were flavoured molasses (!!??) Good luck! xo

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