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pram love.

I am pleased to report that with a little planning and juggling, my first outing with our pram in Tbilisi was a success!

Firstly, the planning of how to carry baby, pram and a bag of rubbish down a flight of steep stairs with a small door to squeeze through at the bottom to the road. Ok. Leave baby in apartment peering out the door yelling “mama?? mama?” while quickly take pram down stairs, come back for baby & rubbish, lock door, back downstairs, set pram up outside, baby in pram, gloves on, hat on, and off we go! Step 1, Done.

Walk into town, maneuvering a couple of steps up and down here or there, walk on road dodging a few cars here and there, then cross at the only on-road lights crossing between us and the main street (Rustaveli Ave), and smile at all of the Georgian’s giving me and the pram very strange looks. For good reason, not many people take babies out by themselves in prams here without someone to help carry the pram up and down steps!

Morning on Rustaveli Ave

Morning on Rustaveli Ave

We made it to Prospero’s cafe and as planned, left pram in courtyard while baby and I had a celebratory coffee! (Its ok, I had the coffee, and we shared a carrot muffin).

Baby fell asleep on the return walk, so after stopping to buy some mandarins at the corner fruit stall, I stopped & pondered how I would juggle getting a sleeping baby and pram back upstairs while keeping him asleep. In Australia I used to just drive the pram inside the house and leave him sleeping while I did housework (ok, realistically, I sat down and had a lovely time to myself). I ended up leaving baby in pram at the bottom of the stairs while I raced upstairs, unlocked the door (bit fiddly, needs two hands), raced back downstairs, got baby out of pram, took upstairs into cot, back downstairs to get pram. Unfortunately baby woke up. Oh well. I’ll win some and lose some.

I love this doorway and gate in the pictures below – its just before the start of Chavchavadze Ave at the end of our walk.

Out walking with Baby Jogger along Chavchavadaze Ave

Out walking with Baby Jogger along Chavchavadaze Ave

At the start of Chavchavadze Ave

At the start of Chavchavadze Ave


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