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London? Australia? Tbilisi?

In the coffee shop that I discovered today I could have been somewhere in London, or anywhere in Australia… but I definately didn’t think I was in Tbilisi! We had passed the sign to this book store almost every day on our walks, and peered down the little walkway, but was a little intimidated to try somewhere new by myself! But today I took a deep breath, and decided to man up and discover for myself… down the walkway and through the picturesque courtyard,  I surprisingly found an expat paradise, an almost entirely English book store, and cosy cafe inside.

Here I purchased a new picture book in the large Children’s section for my very excitable little boy, and chatted to an American family, in a place where everyone just assumed you spoke English. It was a little oasis from the busy Rustaveli Ave only metres away. If I can manage to juggle  my pram and the baby down the stairs from our apartment, it is a nice walk here and I would be able to park the pram in the courtyard whilst having a coffee … Mission for tomorrow (should I choose to accept it – sorry couldn’t help it…): pram walk to coffee shop and back.

Walkway through to Prospero's Books from Rustaveli Ave.

Walkway through to Prospero’s Books from Rustaveli Ave.

Afterwards, with a ‘bye bye, see you later’ we wandered back along Rustaveli Ave towards home (ok… via Zara and 2 pairs of jeans on sale…), the baby fell asleep in the Manduca (as expected!) and I was able to buy a cheese bread from a hole-in-the-wall bakery with a “Gamarjoba, Madloba, Nakhvamdis”, and wander home to put baby into bed.

What an unexpected but lovely morning outing.


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