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Toddler sleeping… anywhere, everywhere…

…just not in our bed.

My 15 month old and I have just made the 30hour, 14,432km trek from Brisbane (Australia) to Tbilisi (Georgia). In that time, he slept for 10 out of 14 hours on the first flight, a total of 9 hours sleep on our friends couch in Dubai, and then fell asleep in the transit bus to the second plane, sleeping almost the entire 3.5hour trip from Dubai – Tbilisi.

Since then, in Tbilisi, he has fallen asleep riding on Daddy’s shoulders, on a bench seat in a cafe, on a mini-bus around town, in numerous cabs sitting on my lap, in the baby carrier walking around town… but trying to get him to have a nap during the day in our bed? Impossible!

As we are in a temporary apartment until ours is ready, we are all sleeping in the one bed. I am amazed at people that co-sleep as our baby is the most annoying person to sleep with- how such a small person can take up so much room in the bed is incredible.

In any case, first post done, now to attempt to get toddler to sleep in bed. Wish me luck!

J x


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